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4 Reasons Contractors Hate Their CRM

Jul 14, 2022 | Learning Center, Uncategorized

Many CRMs are simply unsuitable for contractors. Complicated, time-consuming, and non-flexible CRMs do not fit a contractor’s business needs. 
Here are some reasons why contractors hate their CRM: 

1. They’re time-consuming. 

CRMS can be time consuming in multiple ways for employees. They have unnecessary features and data entries, and it can take lots of time to figure out how to properly use them. Without an efficient set up and helpful tools, a CRM can be more hindering than helpful. 

2. They’re complicated. 

Many CRMs require employees to manually input loads of data. If the system isn’t used or understood correctly, it is very easy to become confused with data that is not easily customizable. An employee can face difficulty retrieving the relevant details about a customer or project. 

3. They make it hard to keep track of leads. 

A common complaint among CRM users is difficulty in keeping track of their leads. Complicated and unorganized data within a CRM makes it hard to find contact information and engage with potential customers within an appropriate time frame.

4. They require excessive data entry, ultimately wasting time. 

As discussed in part of the complications with most CRMs, they require heavy data entry. This can lead to a more confusing system with irrelevant data and could deter employees from properly using their CRM. 

Joggle is here to help.
Luckily, Joggle addresses all these complaints. The mobile app requires as much data as the user chooses to enter. Joggle divides CRM into people and projects, eliminating confusion. Because of its stage field set up, Joggle makes it easy to keep track of the stages of a project or lead. Joggle is redefining CRM into a simple, easy, and mobile process. 

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