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Home Owner’s Top Complaint and How to Fix It

Jul 14, 2022 | Learning Center, Uncategorized

One of the top reasons homeowners pull out of a service is because of the lack of efficient communication. Small Business Owners are oftentimes overwhelmed with the many jobs they have and keeping track of them, which leads to a lack of steady communication. There seems to be one easy fix to this problem…

Not returning calls is one of the biggest issues customers complain about, here is Joggle’s fix:

  • In order to keep track of everything, business owners need to move their companies mobile
  • By downloading the Joggle App, business owners now have everything they need right on their mobile phone
    • As soon as they meet a customer, they can import all their information into their phone and then have access to it at all times right in their pocket 
    • They then have the phone number of the customer, address, and type of service being performed all stored in one place
    • The app also automatically imports dates added into your apple calendar, so it integrates seamlessly with anything else you have planned
    • It organizes the different jobs and keeps track of the information to avoid the issue of missing of a call or not knowing information about who is calling
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