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Joggle Anywhere: How to use CRM from any worksite

Jul 14, 2022 | Learning Center, Uncategorized

Joggle’s mobile app, now available for iPhone, allows for CRM anywhere, any time.

Try Joggle’s App for a simple, mobile CRM:

Joggle makes it easy so that all the information you need is readily available on your mobile device. The app splits the user’s experience into two simple divisions: People and Projects. As soon as there is a potential customer or lead, they can import customer information into Joggle, along with the customer’s project.

From there, the Joggle user can add dates to the project that will automatically import into their Apple calendar. This provides two organizational sources to ensure that you are keeping track of leads and current customer needs are being met on time.

Within each project, the Joggle user can see which stage they are in with their customer. When a lead is transitioned into a confirmed project, the user is able to update this in the app and continue to do so as the project moves along.

Depending on the job, you may need a CRM that will work for you outside the office. Joggle gives you mobile CRM that can be done on any worksite, giving the its maximum flexibility. The mobile app works without Wifi or a cellular connection, so that your CRM can truly be done from anywhere.

Start Joggle Today

Begin your simple CRM now with Joggle. CRMs are a valuable tool no matter the size of a company and can elevate your business when utilized correctly. Joggle’s easy and customizable stage fields allow you to track and update your projects, customers, and their needs.

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