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Top Three Mistakes Contractors Make When Choosing A CRM

Jul 12, 2022 | Learning Center, Uncategorized

When it comes to finding a CRM for contractors, it’s important to have an accessible and mobile system that best fits your needs. 

 Lack of communication and customer management can cause major problems in closing your contracting jobs. Choosing a complicated and time consuming CRM can draw these problems even further. It is crucial to have flexible, personalized, and easy-to-use CRM to build sustainable relationships with your customers. In this post, we’ll explain the three biggest mistakes contractors make when choosing their CRM, and how Joggle can help:

1. Choosing a CRM not designed for a mobile device. 

Several CRM systems require an employee to be tied to their desks. For contractors, this is not realistic way to manage and organize projects in their day-to-day work. However, Joggle offers an app that allows for mobile CRM from anywhere. With Joggle’s mobile app, you can manage people and projects directly from your worksite. 

2. CRMs that require cell service. 

In addition to requiring a desk and computer, many CRMs require cell service during use. This is a limiting factor when conducting business, especially as a contractor, and can result in difficulty for keeping track of a lead or project. The Joggle mobile app allows for CRM from anywhere, despite cellular service. Contractors can access their customers and stages of a project with no cell service required, making CRM outside of the office easy. 

3. Picking a CRM with a steep learning curve. 

Common employee complaints regarding their CRMs are about the initial difficulty to understand the system and the arduous process of learning to use it for their own needs. Luckily, Joggle offers an organized way to import customer information and update it as needed. A Joggle user can see their projects in order of date, and simply click into the project to inquire its details. No time wasted. No complications. 

Let’s Joggle 

Joggle provides the necessary solutions to many contractor and employee mistakes when finding a CRM. Our simple mobile app allows for fast and customizable CRM to ensure no leads are lost. Contractors can ‘quick start’ right from the Joggle app to begin managing their projects at their pace, avoiding any wasted time associated with a complicated CRM. Avoid the choosing the wrong CRM by choosing Joggle’s simple and modern features. 

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