Privacy Policy

last updated Oct. 31st, 2021

Who we are

Our website address is:
Contact us at :  [email protected]

Or at
Joggle LLC
1717 E Cary St.
Richmond, VA 23223

What personal information we collect

When you use the Joggle app, we collect your user profile information to create an account on Joggle, this account is used to store your projects and contacts that you load into the application.  This information is transferred and stored encrypted on Joggle servers and is only displayed on your mobile device.  Additionally, your mobile device id is captured to help us troubleshoot any issues that happen within the application as well as provides us the ability to push Joggle notifications to your mobile device.

How we use your personal information

The information you provide is used for the application functionality.  Joggle does not share your projects and contacts information with any third party.  Joggle my use your account user profile information to contact you for additional application offerings or information.


Joggle uses your mobile device id to capture application performance logs and error metrics.  This information is used to ensure the application is performing well and helps our development teams to correct issues that are identified.   No personal information other than your device information is captured.  This information is sent to a third party, BugFender,  to store and make this data accessible to our developers.  This data is encrypted on BugFender’s servers and is deleted after 30 days.

How long we retain your data

Your project and contact data stored on your account are kept on Joggle servers indefinitely until you delete them using the mobile application or Joggle terminates your account.  Projects that are closed by you are moved to a dormant state and are maintained on the server as they can be re-opened.  Joggle LLC reserves the rights to remove account data where a user no longer pays for the subscription service.  Joggle LLC also reserves the right to close your account and delete all data associated with the account.   If you wish to have your account closed and its data removed, please make this request to [email protected].

Policy Updates

Joggle retains its rights to update the privacy policy as needed.   Joggle will attempt to notify you, the account holder, via the mobile app push notifications when these privacy policies are updated.