Joggle is so simple, it
almost needs no instruction

But since you’re here…

The Basics: Stages, People and Projects

Stages help you organize your sales process. Each project can have up to six Stages.

You can customize Meet, Propose, Connect, Order, Deploy and Follow-up. You can also leave a Stage unnamed if you don’t need to use it.

Think of People as your address book for customers and potential customers. You have one People record for each customer.

Joggle People view

A Project is the product or service your People may buy. You can have multiple Projects for each People record.

Joggle Projects view

Getting Started

Create Your User Profile

  • Go to the Home screen
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right
  • Tap the Account (bottom) button


  • Complete the User Profile
  • Customize your Calendar Settings

    Customize Stages

    • Go to the Home screen
    • Tap the three dots in the upper right
    • Tap the Stages (top) button


    • Tap a Stage Name to change the name
    • Tap a Follow-up number to change the days.
      • The Project Follow-up date will turn red after the day selected
      • Starts when Tossing into the Stage or when updated manually



      This screen shows your People and their Projects in one view.


      1. Edit People info
      2. Export to Contacts
      3. Expand view
      4. Create a new Project
      5. Project view screen
      Joggle People Screen

      Create New People

      • Start at the Home screen
      • Tap the People button
      • Tap New
      • Enter the info
      • Tap Save

      Import New People from Contacts

      • Tap Import
      • Search from the Find People field
      • Or scroll to find in the list
      • Click Yes to import
      • Joggle takes you to the People screen
      • Add more People, or add a Project


      Project List View

      This screen is a quick view of all your Projects. You can:

      1. Filter by “Active,” “Lead,” or “All”
      2. Search for active Projects by People or Project name
      3. Create a New Project
      4. Pin Projects to the top of the list
      5. Tap to Project View

      Project Stage View

      Use this screen for the status of a Project or to People contact:

      • Tap the Contact buttons to call, email, or text
      • Tap the blue People’s name for more information
      • Toss a Stage Ball to update the Project stage

      Project Detail View

      Slide to the left for Project detail view.

      • Contact details: Company, phone, email, address
      • Alerts
      • Stage History 

      Project Notes View

      Slide again to the left for Project notes view.

      • Add a note
      • View past notes

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